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"Communication is always clear - quick responses to emails and calls. Clear and useful reports delivered quickly.  Excellent skills in communicating complex difficulties to parents and teachers."           

Year 3 Teacher | City School | April 2021

"Evrydiki has a very gentle and approachable manner and she is an extremely reflective practitioner.  She is skilled in identifying the salient issues in a problem situation and demonstrates a very sensitive insight when describing the perspectives of the different participants."

Educational Psychologist and Supervisor | April 2021

"Evrydiki placed our child and our family at the centre of her concerns and she worked collaboratively with us to support us. She always made sure to explain to us in plain language her psychological formulations and the results of her assessments." 

Parent of Secondary School Student | March 2021

"As her line manager I had the pleasure to witness Evrydiki as she transformed into her new role from a trainee to a confident EP and to experiment with new assessment materials with confidence. She dealt with a range of complex cases with integrity and professionalism, demonstrating exceptional critical and analytical thinking skills and openness to learning. At the same time she keeps the child and the family in the heart of her involvements."

Line Manager and Senior Educational Psychologist | February 2021

"Evrydiki places the child and family at the centre of her concerns and she has become increasingly skilled in working collaboratively with school staff to support them. She  is friendly and approacheable and I feel the confidence to ask her anything I need." 

County Primary School Headteacher | September 2020

"I've been working with Evrydiki for three years now and she is excellent with the pupils. She is kind and approachable and does all she can to ensure they feel secure and happy. She responds well with very shy and timid pupils and through the rapport she builds with them, she helps them open up within a few hours."

City Primary School Headteacher and SENCo | June 2020

"Dr Zafeiriou was quick to respond to e-mails reflecting her calm, efficient, professional manner. She listened carefully to our concerns without making assumptions. She used questioning effectively to analyse the situation or simplify complex situations to identify the pertinent factors and then suggest possible solutions. I was quite stressed about what my daughter's learning needs meant but she empowered me as a mother and gave me the confidence to apply the strategies we talked about."

Year 6 Student's Mother | December 2019 

"I have been working with Evrydiki for two years and she stands out for her warmth and approachability. She is aware of the constraints of a small school and is willing to adopt a flexible approach and adapt ideas to suit our circumstances. She sets up meetings promptly, with clear timings, so we can inform parents and we all share the same expectations. As she is an excellent communicator, her reports help reflect the school’s long term aims which supports better outcomes for the child involved. She signposts additional resources clearly and can also offer training on certain aspects."

City School Special Unit SENCo | June 2019

"Dr Zafeiriou helped us with our son's ASD diagnosis. We felt familiarity and respect to us and our son since the beginning and she never failed to explain to us what is happening at each stage of his statutory assessment and what his needs are. She made clear to us who was doing which action at every step of the way and she was always in touch with our son's class teacher and key worker."

Nursery Student's Parents | January 2019 

"Evrydiki did not focus exclusively on the difficulties and needs of our daughter, but she also noted all her strengths, talents and gifts. She saw her through our eyes and used her strengths to empower her and help her manage her school stress and low self-esteem more effectively."

Year 10 Student's Parent | City School | December 2018

"Evrydiki's reports are comprehensive, well written and reflect analytical thinking and application of psychology to complex casework."

City School SENCo | September 2018

100% of participant teachers in a day course titled "Emotional self-regulation and resielence skills in primary school" answered that:

  • The training quality, presentation and delivery was of high standards

  • Dr Zafeiriou was knowledgeable in the subject being trained 

  • Dr Zafeiriou was helpful informative

County Primary School Teaching Staff | June 2018

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