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My approach

I follow a dynamic approach that combines elements of attachment and relational theories, positive psychology and systems theories. It is a social and person-centred approach that

interprets difficulties through the lense of interactive contextual and individual factors. I strive to use plain language and avoid jargon as much as possible. I am abiding by the rules of conduct defined by HCPC and the BPS and I ensure that my continuous professional development (CPD) and learning are ongoing and up to date. 

My aim is to improve the quality of life of parents, teachers and their children and young people and their satisfaction from it. I hope that through my role I can help adults feel more competent in their role in children's lives and enjoy their relationship with them more. I believe that at the heart of each problem lies the quality of the relationship the adult has with the child or teenager. Adults' power in influencing children's and young people's lives is tremendous, and this is the reason my main focus is supporting the adults around the child or young person. 

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