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What to expect and what not to

What to expect: 

  • A warm, welcoming and trusting environment that will give you the safe space to share your concerns.

  • A collaborative problem-solving relationship. I consider us to be equals and each with their own expertise: I am an expert in my scientific field and you are an expert in your life, your child and the concern you will be sharing. Only through mutual respect for each other's expertise will we achieve optimal results.

  • Confidentiality. Our fundamental rule will be that whatever is said in the room, stays in the room (whether that is a physical or virtual one).  The one exception to that is when you or someone else is in danger, in which case I will have a duty to inform the authorities. 

  • Further reading and CPD as needed. Should I identify any gaps in my knowledge, I will be responsible to deepen my knowledge and access the required resources at an adequate level. This will be without any further charging and within our agreed timeframe. 

  • Transparency, honesty, integrity and responsibility, in line with the psychological codes of practice. ​


What you should not expect:

  • A magic wand. There is no such thing and the only way to successfully resolving your difficulties will be our mutual effort and work. Some problems might be resolved to a further degree than others, depending on a combination of interacting factors. 

  • Psychotherapy. I am not a therapist and I do not offer therapy services. If this is what you want or need, I will do my best to direct you to an appropriate specialist. An exception to this rule is some short-term therapeutic approaches I offer to children and young people, if this is what is considered to be the most helpful strategy for them (see here for more information).

  • Long-term ongoing involvement. Even though the length of our collaboration is not predetermined and it will depend on each individual case, my aim is to help you in the shortest possible timeframe. However long that is, I will be transparent about it and it will be agreed between us and reviewed as we go. It is also recommended that review sessions take place following the completion of my initial involvement (usually recommended six weeks, three months or six months depending on the nature of the problem).​

What to expect of the first consultation:

Our first consultation will be introductory in two levels: we will get to know each other, and we will also get to know the concern that you will be bringing. We will talk about your best hopes and our next steps. I will also gather some background information. We will both commit to follow some actions for the successful resolution of the problem. If further sessions are needed or information gathering through other actions needs to take place, we will discuss this and come to an agreement about it. 

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