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1270 Days

All you need to know about your baby's brain development, from conception to their third birthday 

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Babies are wonderful! Human brains are fascinating! Their development depends deeply on the communication they have with their primary carers. It starts with their conception, while they are still in their mother's bump, and it gallops all the way to their third birthday, when it starts slowing down. About 1270 days in total, that will determine the rest of their lives. 


When babies feel safe and loved their development thrives. In every interaction they have with people around them they create new connections in their brain neurons. These connections get stronger through play and exploration, which makes our babies smarter. 


"How could he be stressed, he's only a few weeks old!"

"Babies do nothing other than cry, eat and sleep! How can I even play with them?"

"How do I know when my baby needs to play? How do I know when he's tired or bored or hungry?"

"She is so little, surely she can't have clue about how I feel?"

Does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. Through this innovative training course we will learn how to have meaningful and quality interactions with our babies. We will discuss baby brain development, emotional development and play. We will apply our new knowledge and skills on our babies in every session. We will laugh and we will play with them and we will observe their reactions at every move we make. We will learn how to relax with them, even when they are tense. We will share thoughts, doubts and small victories with other parents. 

This programme is special in each structure, as it combines four levels of activity:

  • the educational aspect, at which I will be transferring to you in a simplified form the most up to date research evidence on babies' development and what their environment has to do with it

  • the practical aspect, where we will apply what we have learned and have the opportunity to play with our babies and observe them

  • the social aspect, as you will have the chance to meet and connect with other parents, and make contacts that might last beyond the training

  • the supportive aspect, as you will be given the space to reflect, express yourselves freely and receive answers, guidance and support

All babies need is contact with other people. All they need is you. 

Who is this trainnig for: future and new parents

Participants: mums, dads, pregnant women and babies

Frequency: weekly

Duration: 90 minutes

Total sessions: 6

Total participants: up to 8 couples + babies

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